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  • Ben Bradford

New Year, New Opportunities

Well, we've wrapped up another year and started a new one! First and foremost, I wanted to thank you all for the support and the best, most productive year to date. 2021 was full of new products and lots of learning. This year will be full of lots of learning, but most importantly lots of building for the future of Rock Solid Knife and Tool LLC.

This year we are setting goals, and unlike years past, we are going to follow through. We want to build this small business to not only provide one of a kind and durable products at an affordable price, but to provide a sustainable income long term to help provide for our newborn child. That's right, we welcomed a child at the end of 2021!

Let's start with the good news goals! We are branching out in new directions, such as western, hunting, holsters, belts, wallets, bags, pillows, and hats, as well as, still offering our famous firefighter and first responder items. We, also, have plans in the works to convert a trailer into a mobile workshop that can be utilized to make repairs and customize items all on the go or on location. That's right, items can be made and customized at shows, allowing us so many more opportunities and coverage area for in person events far and wide! Lastly, we are going to rework the website again. Making it user friendly, easily accessible to find your items, customizing your items, contacting us for repairs or add-ons, and social interactions such as a blog page. We will be using this blog for shop updates, sales, in stock items, and even some learning opportunities for those interested in leatherwork! (Facebook, Instagram, and other forms of social media have shadow banned us for the most part due to Knife being part of our name.)

Alright now the bad news, due to the world we live in, price hikes in supplies, shipping increases, tax increases, and supply chain breakdowns, we will be raising our prices to be more competitive with other makers and to cover the increase of our costs. Even though we talked about it in years past, we haven't changed our prices since 2017. So effective 2/1/2022, the new site will go live with the new facelift and updated prices. That gives 1 month to get your orders in at the current price. Lastly, while items may be completed much sooner than our expected time periods of 4-6 weeks, we will adhere more to a booking slot system so not to over commit ourselves as we spend time with our newborn and working our fulltime jobs. So don't be surprised if the 4-6 weeks estimated completion time grows more as we book up and supplies become harder to find.

Thank you all for an outstanding year of 2021. We are so excited for the plans and goals for 2022, but we can't do it without supporters and customers like you.


Rock Solid Knife and Tool LLC


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